The wild ramblings of a Crafty Chimp.



Many people have said to me.Why don’t you blog, you can certainly talk a lot.!!  Well having been chatting to new friends recently I have decided why not. So here we are swimming through the quagmire of chatter that is supposed to sound entertaining.  Then why is it that it has suddenly become impossible to string two sentences together that make any sense.
The Crafty Chimp blog has been set up to link with my facebook page of the same name where I share my attempts at being super creative and extraordinary.

I don’t always get it right but I try, and I am sure that along the way I manage to entertain and answer a few questions…So what exactly does The Chimp do.??

Predominantly I am a beader who likes to explore all things beady from Hand weaving to Bead looming.

Loom beaded cuff       Pearl/Crystal bracelet

I also dabble with polymer clay and delight in making little clay dragons. I have recently dabbled in creating an Art Journal but that is still in the “pulling your hair out” phase and requires more effort !!  I am a member of a really good online forum who have encouraged me to start this blog but I shall tell you more about them next time. In the mean time Chimpy (yes that is what I get called by my online friends) has a bead loom to warp up for the next project….TTFN, Chimpy. x


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